The MIGRATIEMUSEUMMIGRATION consists of the atelier on the ground floor, the permanent exhibition on the first floor and an exhibition on the current refugee problem on the second floor. An artistic route connects the street with the garden via the courtyard and the atelier.


The atelier is the starting and ending point of the visit. This is where the journey of discovery through the MIGRATIEMUSEUMMIGRATION starts, but this is mainly the place where the visitor gets to work with his/her own story.


A grandstand invites the visitor to take a seat and talk to the other person. A colourful installation connects the visitor’s story with the world, Brussels and that of other visitors. The visitor contributes to the development of this installation.


The installation 'There is no spoon' by the Brussels-based artist Thomas Israel playfully shows how we are all part of a larger whole. By putting his/her head in a large 'casserole', he/she becomes part of the 'face of Brussels'.


In the atelier, the MIGRATIEMUSEUMMIGRATION also organises activities such as workshops, films, folk cuisine and creative presentations of personal experiences with migration.



1,198,726 inhabitants of Brussels, 184 nationalities …these are many different first names. We present the most common ones in the stairwell. Who knows: The visitor might find his/her own name.


On the first floor is the heart of the MIGRATIEMUSEUMMIGRATION. The visitor is immediately attracted by the two circles that radiate warmth and light. The various migration waves are clearly explained on the right wall.  At the back is a touchscreen that gives the visitor a clear overview of the demographic evolution of Brussels.

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Werkhuizenstraat 17 Rue des Ateliers

1080 Molenbeek