Brussels, 184 nationalities, and even more stories to share.

The museum does not tell The Story of migration to Brussels.

The museum honors all those migrants who have shaped Brussels.


The museum is an expedition through the lives of many.

The museum is an expedition through your own life.


The museum shows souvenirs from all of those lives.

From yours, from mine …

From ours.


Born in Morocco, 1965

I'm Belgian and Moroccan. I grew up here and will never forget that my father sacrificed everything to give his children a better life here


Born in Poland, 1946

I feel more Belgian than Polish but that doesn't mean anything. I'm from the world. People are people, it doesn't matter.

On the other hand, I keep my accent despite the fact that I have been in Belgium for 50 years. The Russians also keep an accent.

People ask me all the time where I come from.


Born in Turkey, 1949

In those days there was so much work that the bosses just came to fetch people in the cafes.


Born in Togo,1978

I feel good in Brussels because I find that there is a lot of freedom to achieve my ambitions. Thanks to its smallness, Brussels has something magical, soothing. I love walking at night to the Sablon, where I find the soul of Brussels. It is my favorite place.


Born in Morocco, 1954

In the 1980s I started working in the construction industry.

My colleagues were Moroccans, Turks, Italians, Spaniards. You hardly saw Belgians. Sometimes, as a foreman. But there were also Moroccan foremen and bosses.

The Belgacom towers?

I helped to build them.


Born in Argentina, 1968

I love my social life here – I cannot live without it! My close friends in Brussels, which I see regularly, include people from a wide range of nationalities: Finnish, Italian, Polish, French, Croatian, Russian, German, Vietnamese, Albanian, some Belgians (Flemish and Walloon) …and even one other Argentinian. Some are couples, often of mixed nationalities, and many have international work or study backgrounds.

Could our museum be your museum too?

Do you, like many other inhabitants of Brussels, have a link with migration? Would it be a shame if your story were lost?
Contact us and share your story, photos, albums, memories and souvenirs. 
Because your story is also our story. 
The story of Brussels.


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